Finding Inspiration

Inspiration comes from the little things in life. It can be from the words of a song, a solo run through your favorite part of the woods, a discussion you’ve had with one of your athletes, a memory of a magical moment. It doesn’t matter where or how you find your strength, but what matters is being inspired and inspiring others.

These last three weeks I found myself low on energy, nearly not motivated, and struggled with reaching my targets on the track as well as on the road. I heard myself saying that I’m worried that I’m not worried at all for my upcoming marathon. I lost my focus and then suddenly I became anxious at the thought of having to run a 42 km race in just less than 2 weeks time.

So this morning I put on my running shoes and went for my last fartlek session that was scheduled into our marathon program. As I was running solo, I had time for me, time to reflect, time for my thoughts to go their own way. I didn’t push it, agreed with myself that I will run a pace that feels good on the legs. As I went into the woods I got lighter, faster, I felt strong again.

That’s when I started realizing just how privileged I am and how damn happy I should be that I can run this race. This race will not only be for myself, but I’m going to run my heart out for 2 of my favorite athletes that didn’t got the opportunity of realizing their goals in 2016. It will be for 2 powerful women who have inspired me in multiple ways this last year. Also will I run this race for the women who are fighting breast cancer at this moment in time. And last but not least this race will be in memory of the loved ones I’ve lost, as this reason will always be one of the reasons why I will keep on running, for ever and ever.

With only 9 days left to go until The Marathon of Köln, I feel strong and I found my inspiration. Thank you to all of my athletes who have encouraged and inspired me in so many different ways. I can only hope that somehow I will also inspire you along our road together. Looking forward to realizing new goals, creating new opportunities, sharing beautiful moments together.